Barons Group of companies plans a new hotel development with a 220-room hotel, with facilities to host major conferences , weddings, meeting and congregation for events for more than 500 guests.The iconic light house tower, 15 storey high will consist of an observation center and restaurant which would be situated at the top, the 4- star hotel will have conference and exhibition space for more than 500 guests. The 15 story tower, along I-94 on the north end of the mall will serve as an iconic lighthouse to travelers arriving in Dickinson, ND. The architectural form of the tower will be in the shape of a “D” for Dickinson and will be lit to give the lighthouse effect. The surrounding development will also include Townhomes, Condominiums and Single Family Homes. Barons Vista LLC, the developer for “Barons Vista” hopes to break ground later this year to begin mall construction in 2015.  Contact Us Today!


In general the current real estate in the immediate Dickinson area is very strong. It is noted that there are few houses available that are under $250,000 with the average being up into the $300,000 plus price range. it has been reported that their rents are higher than Manhattan NY for comparable properties. The surrounding land are going for a premium and are being bought up to try and fill the increasing need for homes, retail businesses, supplies dealers and personal and business services. Ed Courton, city planner for the City of Dickinson ND, states there there is a tremendous need for affordable, aesthetically designed homes. The city of Dickinson has a solid plan for its future growth and infrastructure and has shared a willingness to assist developers that can provide those homes. After the construction phase begins, pages like this would be done in order to show the project momentum.  Contact Us Today!


The mall is the retail centerpiece. It will contain 200,000 SF of retail, office and entertainment facilities on two levels that will be a delight to inhabit year around. It’s main level will houses spaces for retail with offices spaces with additional retail space at the second level. The central enclosed space will house a tropical garden with water features, greenery, food court and family entertainment where Western ND residence and visiting guest can experience the warmth of the retail mall all year, 365 days. Leading out of the indoor realm of the mall, the retail spaces of the town center will be visually and physically tied to the outdoor realm.  Contact Us Today!


The heart of the development is the village green. It is the highest elevation on the site and offers magnificent vistas of the surrounding countryside. Hence the name Vista Park. An amphitheater carved into the hillside will provide a natural setting and a splendid venue for theatrical performances that would be used by the broader community of Dickinson. The edges of the park will be defined by flex buildings. Which would offer a close-knit community of shops, restaurants and civic function with lofts, offices and condominiums occupying the upper floors.  Contact Us Today!


The development contains 104 acres of Residential, in which a small portion is set aside for Multi Family homes. Many of these units would typically consists of studios with 01 bedroom and 01 bathroom units with a separate storage space in the basement and exterior parking space for each unit. Many of the units will offer views of the highway and the expanding landscape of Eastern part of Dickinson. This unique property will still exhibit traditional exterior and interior character and details. It’s true rarity in this development.  Contact Us Today!


Townhouse and live/work districts bordering the flex zone will transition into a Traditional Neighborhood that will offer a wide variety of Townhouses.  Contact Us Today!